Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The List... Or... Lists Forthcoming...

I made good on my word to make a list of Ginger movies I need to see/intend to see/am going to purchase. Now I need to...prioritize said list. Which is cumbersome. So once I prioritize said list, I will share it. And you can all ( know, all two of you) help me keep myself ON TRACK! With no spoilers! And no broken fangirl rules!
Next up, though, are definitely Shall We Dance and Follow the Fleet, as they are in the Rogers-Astaire boxed set I rescued from the used book & movie place. So--since I already have them, I should watch them and NOT spend money on Roberta, which I really really want to see but don't yet own. Once I watch what I have owned, I will allow myself to spend money on the next list item. See? It makes sense. Sort of. In my head. MY HEAD MATTERS!

...And just so this isn't a completely worthless post:

She's so cute in her little sweater with her fluffy hair!

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