Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Worst Fan Blog in the World

I am not posting here as much as I want to, and it's frustrating me. My job is crazy right now, and I'm preparing to move so I'm just kind of... everywhere. I STILL haven't gotten around to watching Shall We Dance, Lucky Partners, or my newest addition to my DVR, Vivacious Lady. The good news is I WILL be watching them soon as I am DONE with work after next week! And then I will be hardcore packing, since at the beginning of September I am moving to the Kansas City area.
Shortly after I started planning my move a few months ago, I learned that Ginger Rogers was from Independence, and I felt like it was kind of... time for me to learn ABOUT Ginger. Then I started doing that, and it was like it was meant to be--super fangirl-ness. So. That's my little story about how I found Ginger (or Ginger found me...?) and why I am doubly excited to move. I have never lived outside my hometown, but desperately wanted out. This is a big move for me. So, while I will continue to post here (and more often!) about Ginger, I also may be posting some about the progress of my move. Since the two are kind of related, at least in my head, I think that's okay. Also, I'm pretty sure no one but me reads this :o)

Have a Tuesday night Ginger for your troubles.

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  1. I READ IT! Haha :D That is so exciting about your move! Can't wait to see some more blog posts :D